Professional Organizing

At Angel’s Living Spaces, we understand the importance of organization in your life and strive to create a positive space for you to pursue your goals in a productive and streamlined way. We accomplish this by minimizing unnecessary clutter in your space, and by creating design focal points that are intended to increase the natural flow of ideas and inspiration in your home.

Many clients requiring decluttering often talk about the change in their home-maintenance habits resulting from a big life-event such as: the death of a loved one, separation-divorce, or moving homes. We offer to help our clients work through their emotional habits, encouraging them to better connect with their feelings, resulting in a refreshed space.

At Angel’s Living Spaces we utilize our proven Ultimate Professional Organizer™ System to get consistent and superior results each and every time.

What we specialize in:

  • Consultations
  • Decluttering
  • Space Management
  • Professional Organizing of All Types of Spaces including Home & Office
  • Downsizing
  • Organizational Supplies & Tools
  • Removal & Disposal of Items

What sets us apart:

  • At Angel’s Living Spaces we are able to combine Professional Organizing with Home Staging.
  • We provide a clear map of how to maintain a lifestyle that better suits our clients’ emotional well-being and physical space.
  • Our personalized strategies often create a sense of lightness that further promotes joy from their living spaces.
  • We are compassionate and understanding.
  • We know that moving and/or decluttering can cause stress, especially with our senior clients. We therefore take into consideration the extra time and effort that may be required on their behalf.
  • We go the extra mile to provide the support and understanding required by many clients who are going through a significant change.
  • With patience and care, we help you build a system that can be maintained with ease.

Our Services:

At Angel’s Living Spaces we perform Professional Organizing consultations which provide an action plan for you to organize and transform any room in your home. We create a report of our recommendations, following a room-by-room assessment. This is an amazing service that allows you to complete the projects yourself and organize your own home.

At Angel’s Living Spaces we offer a decluttering service in order to minimize unnecessary clutter in your space. Our proven strategies work whether you decide to stay in your home or to sell. Our team will implement clear and concise ideas on how to elevate any part of the home. We offer a complete suite of services to improve the energy and functionality of your space, using our Ultimate Professional Organizing™ system.

Space Management:
Our team at Angel’s Living Spaces works to create a space for you that is free of excess clutter. We then are able to map out storage and organizational solutions to better manage specific areas in your home or office.

Full-Service Professional Organizing:
At Angel’s Living Spaces we offer full-service Professional Organizing. With this service we will perform a free assessment and provide a plan to organize your space; whether it is a pantry, a kitchen, or an entire home. We offer a complete suite of services to organize your space using our Certified Ultimate Professional Organizing™ system.

Professional Organization Assistance:
At Angel’s Living Spaces we offer a Professional Organization Assistance Service. We provide you with an action plan and assist you in the completion of the organization. We would provide guidance and assistance on a weekly, monthly or annual basis.

In all cases, we help, advise and educate homeowners on how to implement quick and practical solutions for organizing their homes.

Commercial Organizing
We provide organizing for commercial clients and businesses. We can provide Professional Organizing services such as organizing offices, filing systems, and inventory.

Angel’s Living Spaces specializes in providing downsizing services to homeowners moving to a smaller home. We help you find the true value in your space and in your belongings. With patience and care, we help you build a system that can be maintained with ease.

Organizational Supplies and Tools:
At Angel’s Living Spaces we know the best and affordable storage and repurposing options. We are able to supply you with any organizing items required such as baskets and bins to help keep you in an great, organized system going forward.

Removal and Disposal of Items:
Our team at Angel’s Living Spaces will take on the task of removing and disposing of all items to be donated and/or discarded.

Call Angel’s Living Spaces today to get started on organizing your space!